Snowy owls photography workshop

Snowy owls photography workshop at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.

The early morning drive at 6 am to Vittoria (Ontario) was a smooth two hours ride, no highway traffic whatsoever. I have to admit it, I’m not an early morning person so waking up before sunrise was hard but well worth it. Unlike many other owls, the snowy owl is not nocturnal, however lower temperatures during early morning are recommended since they really suffer the heat.

The female snowy owl is slightly larger than the male of the species. Juvenile snowy owls are brown and covered in bars of darker plumage. Male feathers grow lighter as the bird matures, and adult male snowy owls may be completely white. Females remain distinctly barred over their entire bodies, and have as many as six darker bands on their tails. Males may have up to three tail bands.

The lens used during the workshop was a Nikon 300mm F4.